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We at Euroscroll are dedicated to creating a safe climate for our staff to work in and our clients to do business in. We provide our people with the training, tools and knowledge to work safely. We are focused on assuring the safety of everything we design, construct and install.
Giving our best each time to each project resulting in Quality standards. We are proud of our reputation for producing quality works which we have built on over the years.

We have a fully implemented Quality Management System in place which is strictly adhered to at all times

All structural steel products and secondary products such as staircases. must be produced through a factory production control system and CE marked.
We are compliant and certified to EN1090-2 Exc 2 for CE Marking.
Many people ask about balustrade and send us images of staircases from glossy magazines or ones they have found online, and say we want this glass balustrade with no handrail and minimal fixings.
We often have to explain that these pictures may be taken in other countries that do not have the same guidelines as here. Or simply do not meet current legislation
All balustrade must be purchased from CE marked company such as Euroscroll otherwise they are illegal and could be condemned. Where balustrade guards a fall in height of over 600mm and is subject to building control, the balustrade must either have a handrail or assuming a glass balustrade use a laminated glass that is capable of achieving the required point load as set out in BS6180.

Please call our office to discuss further any technical issues

If you are interested in working for a young expanding company and have the experience. We are currently seeking Full-time CAD Technician along with Welders/fabricators and site erectors. Contact our office 02886751926