Plasma Cutting

Our state of the art plasma machine enables us to cut mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium up to 25mm thick, an additional gas cutting head cuts up to 300mm thick and the machine operates on an 8m x 2m bed. This allows us to do profiled, perforated panels for items such as threads on staircases or balustrade and is CNC operated from our CAD station.

Paint Booth

We use an electro-static spray system to ensure our painting process is as efficient as possible with any colour available on any item. As an agent for stokes paint in Northern Ireland we can also guarantee the best quality service possible.

Replica Components

With our machining capabilities we specialise in producing ‘Non-Standard’ components. Producing scrolls etc. from architects specific designs and regularly replicate products from an original sample or drawing.  This service is often instrumental in helping us obtain prestigious heritage and restoration contracts.

Other Services

Other services we provide range from sheet folding, a guillotine for cutting services, and metal forming machinery.