Northern Ireland Staircase Manufacturers

Every Metal Staircase and item of balustrade we do is independently and expertly made in its entirety, designed by us and meticulously installed by our experienced engineers, fabricators and installers. Our multi-machining capabilities gives us the capacity to produce straight staircases, spiral staircases or sweeping staircases such as Spine beam staircases,cantilevered floating staircases,or helical staircases all enhanced by various handrail and balustrade elements made from materials such as mild steel,brass, stainless steel and glass.

As well as designs that embody traditional eloquence we can create contemporary and minimalist designs such as stainless steel with frameless glass balustrade.
Creating an Entrance – As an interior structure your Staircase can create the greatest impact on a home its the main feature which directs the entire flow, feel and energy of a house. So make sure you get it right. What to choose? Helical, Cantilevered floating or a central spine beam staircase. Cantilevered floating stairs are the ultimate statement staircase which creates the illusion of floating weightless treads combining engineering with elegance. Helical are Graceful curving stairs leading you between floors in a flowing arc. Central Spine beam stairs take straight or quarter turn stairs to a new dimension they give the most open look and create a contemporary feel. We are leading Staircase manufacturers in Northern Ireland. Contact for a free quote.


For more information on our Metal Staircases & Balustrades, please call us on (028) 8675 1926 or email